Vietnamese Appetizers

If you've never tried Vietnamese appetizers before, you don't know what you're missing. All appetizers are hand-made and created with the freshest ingredients. From our delicate Spring Rolls to our crispy Crepe, our appetizers offer a new experience in getting your meal started.

101. Cha Gio (4 mini)

Vietnamese Eggrolls - Authentic Vietnamese eggrolls with ground pork, carrot, and onion.


102. Cha Gio Tom (4 mini)

Vietnamese Shrimp Eggrolls - Deep-fried shrimp eggrolls served with lettuce, cilantro, and cucumber.


103. Goi Cuon (2 mini)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Shrimp and lean pork w. fresh vegetables, rolled in rice paper.


104. Bo Lui (3 skewers)

Beef on Skewers - Lemongrass grilled beef on skewers, topped with peanuts.


106. Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam (6 pieces)

Vietnamese Chicken Wings - Vietnamese-style chicken wings.


107. Banh Xeo

Vietnamese Crepe - Shrimp, pork, onion, and bean sprouts wrapped in a rice crepe.


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